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Successful Workshops

Guiding Light Leads held two workshops in June, and July 2021.

The aim of the workshops was to present to African-Caribbean/ethnic minority young people, the benefits of;

  • Education

  • Skills

  • Positive self-worth

The lectures comprised of:

  • Brief, relevant historical details of African-Caribbean and world history. Interactive sessions, using counselling skills to relate to the history and how it impacts one’s self-concept, were held after each history presentation.

  • IT rudimentary skills

  • Health and well-being as it affects minority communities

  • Knowledge of Personal finances and utilizing one’s skills for financial outcome and their situation. They were able to have positive one-to-one conversations with representatives of University of Leeds Lifelong Learning Centre, the police recruitment officer, and community leaders with job opportunities.

Participants’ Feedback

"I’m very grateful for being given the opportunity to have taken part in the workshop. Not only was it eye-opening to many historic events l was not yet aware of, it motivated me to want to do good within society and my small community. I found the conversation about “how to manage your coins” very effective and as a result of this have now taken it upon myself to start budgeting. Thank you, Yvonne and the rest of the team, for including me in such an enlightening experience" - Ilana Richards
"It was very informative and I feel as though many more people should hear what is said." - Participant
"The event was excellent, the only way you could improve is by spreading the word about the event further using social media." - Participant
"I really enjoyed hearing other perspectives on everything and learn about our history and where we have come from in depth." - Participant
"Inspiring, I felt more confident about what I can achieve as a black person." - Participant
"This program is helpful and educative, I want more of this" - Participant
"My name is Cara Levine. I attended the ‘Change Maker’ workshop to learn what was being offered to the children in the community to support and encourage them to attend.
I found every presentation powerful. The ability to learn and be educated in an environment focused on heritage and culture allowed each student to express themself in a way that gave them empowerment and hope that they continue or pursue higher education and for one of them, to return to the educational dream and ambition of being a nurse.
The ‘Change-Maker’ Workshop taught me things I never knew about our history. At 38 years old I have learnt facts I have never come across.
The workshop changed students’ thought process helping them to revisit or engage in a career choice or higher education they had either dropped out of or failed.
Overall, the ‘Change Maker’ Workshop was a positive empowering experience to all who attended, there was something for everyone.
Its facilitators were experienced, educated people who want to see young black and Asian underachievers do well and grow up to be the best they can be using all the resources available to them." – A Community Leader and Influencer.

The programme was supported by other community leaders. One of whom volunteered to supply hot lunch for the participants for the length of the fist workshop.

The owners of the venue donated tea and coffee for the length of the two workshops, when they learnt of the aim and objective of the programme.

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