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Guiding Light Leads seeks to:


  • Help in solving the problem of racial misunderstanding in the UK, with its attendant biases on several fronts.

  • Address the cause of the problem rather than attending to the symptoms.

  • Address the institutionalised inequalities in schools, in the workplace and in the penal system with its ultimate negative effect on the economic state of this group of people.

  • Address the root cause of the problem of the misconstrued idea of who the African is.

  • Hold conversations with the population in general about the negative construct of the image of the African, the African-Caribbean and how that image  impacts undesirably  all aspects of the well-being of the African Caribbean.



We attempt to engage with the African-Caribbean community in a positive manner, gaining the trust and attention of our people. We shall be having meaningful discussions that will up-end our present negative impression of self which has been handed down for centuries.

We also aspire to relate with institutions such as the justice system, education system and the workplace with the goal of re-establishing the African to his rightful position of equality with all races.

Yvonne Opebiyi

Guiding Light Leads


Par conséquent, I have the exceptional experience of knowing what it is like to be black in the four major geographical concentration of black and African people.


I have founded GLL, because of the vast amount of African Caribbean young people in jail and the scanty amount graduating from universities or apprenticeship programmes. This is a regretful situation that needs to be addressed.


GLL will be looking at this issue and trying to redress the balance by:

  1. Identifying the factors causing continued lack of progress.

  2. Examining and implementing the best ways of removing/shifting hindrances.

  3. Dialoguing with appropriate institutional bodies regarding the problems and the help needed.

  4. Finding proactive ways of enlightening both communities on traditional problems and overcoming problems.

  5. Emphasising and empowering younger generation for greater achievements and aspirations.

  6. Creating and establishing self-worth programmes.

  7. Working with the community on how to overcome problems.

  8. Promoting value and possibility of education at a tertiary level.

  9. Creating opportunities to establish community self-help and actualisation solutions.

  10. Getting government recognition and implementation of self-help projects.

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Hi, I am Yvonne Lee Opebiyi, the founder of Guiding Light Leads.

I believe that I have an advantageous  viewpoint on being black. I was born in the Caribbean and had my secondary education there which gave me a strong sense of pride in self and identity.

I came to England in what is now known as the Windrush generation. I did my nursing and midwifery studies and then moved to Nigeria with my husband and two babies.

I lived in Nigeria for over twenty years, surviving five military coupe d’état.  Now the mother of four Nigerian children, I had to teach them how to be Nigerians. To be able to teach, you must learn.

I then moved to the US and worked as a nurse in top ranking hospitals and with war veterans.


Meet Yvonne

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