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The ‘Lifelong learning Centre’ of University of Leeds, ‘Unity Housing & Enterprise’ and the ‘West Yorkshire Police’, participated in both workshops.

The project was funded by the West Yorkshire Police.

‘Hope Bereavement Support CIC’, worked with Guiding Light Leads as ‘sister charities’ for the project.

Guiding Light Leads achieved its goal of reaching the young people in the community.

Those who participated have pledged to promote the programme among their peers for its positivity.

Attendees feel that they have gained significantly from the programme and are already putting lessons learnt to work.

This Guiding Light Leads workshop really helped me not give up on my dream of further education. It encouraged me to keep persevering and I am now working for a company that will give me the opportunity to work as a Health Care Assistant. I will also be able to apply for a Nursing associate degree. This workshop is so helpful and more people should attend - Tatiana Rodrigues
As a member of the Leeds BME Hub, it’s been a pleasure supporting Guiding Light Leads in the promotion of its incredible Changemaker’s initiative. This initiative tackles issues critical to the success of young adults in culturally diverse communities and has sought ways to create positive solutions that focuses the mind and energy of young attendees on what is required to be successful. Encouraging the change in young people’s attitudes, strategic approach, and helping them identify areas of improvement, I hope this has an immense impact in what direction they choose to follow.” – Abigail Olaleye (Project Lead at Leeds BME Hub)

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