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​The Paula Morris-Toyin Opebiyi Memorial Scholarship Fund

In the heart of remembrance and with a vision for the future, we invite you to join us in a journey of transformation and hope: The Paula Morris-Toyin Opebiyi Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Our Inspiration

Paula Morris and Toyin Opebiyi left an indelible mark on our lives with their passion for education and empowerment. Though their absence is deeply felt, their spirit and legacy ignite our mission. This scholarship is more than a tribute; it is a commitment to continue their work, providing hope and opportunity where it's most needed.

Our Mission
Transforming grief into action, and loss into legacy, we aim to provide an Afro-Caribbean child in Leeds with a life-changing opportunity – the chance to attend university. This initiative embodies Paula and Toyin's shared dream: a world where education is a right, not a privilege, accessible to all regardless of economic background.


The Power of Education
Paula and Toyin believed fervently in the power of education to change lives. They recognized that talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not. This scholarship is our way of making their belief a reality, by supporting a deserving student in their pursuit of higher education.


Your Contribution Matters
We reach out to you, our community, to help bring this dream to fruition. Your contribution, no matter its size, will directly impact a young individual’s future, aligning with the values and aspirations that Paula and Toyin championed.


Impact of Your Donation
Your donation will have a significant and tangible impact:

  • Tuition Fees: It will directly contribute to covering essential tuition costs.

  • Educational Resources: Your support will provide vital academic materials and resources.

  • Mentorship: Beyond financial assistance, we aim to offer guidance and support to the scholar throughout their university journey.


Join Us
This initiative is more than a scholarship; it's a legacy of hope and opportunity. By honoring Paula and Toyin’s memory, we nurture the potential and dreams of the next generation. Together, let's empower a deserving Afro-Caribbean student in Leeds, helping them to achieve a future full of possibilities.


How to Make Your Contribution
To support this noble cause, please make your donation via bank transfer. Every contribution brings us closer to realizing this dream and building a brighter future.

Bank: Virgin Money

Account Name: Guiding Light Leads

Sort Code: 05-01-06

Account Number: 56689323

Together, we can turn loss into hope, and hope into achievement. Thank you for your generous support and for being a pivotal part of this meaningful journey.

“Their legacy, our mission: Educating the future.”

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